Surge protection

Surge protection is ideal for the owners of expensive audio and video devices (especially plasma and LCD TV sets), tools, computers, refrigerators and similar equipment.



When surge protection is connected to the power supply, the red LED is turned on and shines for about 10 seconds (which means that the surge protection has the delayed start option). During this time the device measures and samples the voltage, and if it is within the allowed range (from 195 to 245V), 10 seconds later the green LED turns on as well. The green LED with lower intensity shine is built into the device purposefully so that its light doesn't disturb clients during night hours. It is more difficult to notice the green LED in the daylight. When the device is in working state, if the voltage rises above 245 V, the red LED will start shining and it will shine very intensely (it serves as a warning sign) up until the voltage doesn't get back to the normal range (195-245V). The device has a voltage conductor whose role is to nullify any voltage higher than 600V (it creats forced short circuit and thus makes the board fuse to blow). This conductor is built in as a measure of protection from too high voltage levels caused by arcing and thunder. In case there is a direct electric discharge in the immediate vicinity of the building, there is no guarantee that the device will be 100% effective, as in such cases 100% protection is not available in any country in the world. After weather disasters of that kind, the device can switch to SAFE mode and the resetting to the normal working mode is done in Aleksovski LLC workshop.


Naponske zaštite Tip1 -

Module in white colored box designed to be plugged into earthed sockets (type schuko, CEE 7/4).


Naponske zaštite Tip2 -

Module (with case similar to a circuit breaker) designed to be placed on a metal rail.
It is obligatory to use the cable with 1,5 mm2 diameter (solid cable) or 1,5 mm stranded cable with a crimper placed on its end.


Naponske zaštite Tip3 -


The offer comprises also extension cords with surge protection, and their price depends on the number of sockets (3, 5 or 7) and on the length of cables. The price range is from 100 to 150 euros.
The cables are available in black or white color, and the length goes from 0,3 to 10 meters.
The case of extension cords is available in brown-yellow ochre or black-red color combination.



Information supplied by Electric Power Distribution Company of Belgrade:

Nominal voltage is 230V +/-10%, which means that the allowable voltage is within the range from 207 to 253V, with frequency of 50Hz +/-0,5Hz.
On most devices there is printed information stating the value of allowable voltage, and the values are usually within the range from 220 to 240V.
In the close proximity of electrical substations in Belgrade it can happen that the voltage reaches 250V as well.
For such cases, we also offer special modules.


Special requests:

In case clients need protection for the devices with power levels above 2 KW, it is necessary to connect the electric switch to the surge protection device (the module placed on a metal rail). This can be done also for all 3 phases by using 3 surge protection devices.

The warranty period is 12 months.

The warranty is void if:

1) The devices are not connected according to the diagram (see the label on the case for reference);
2) The clients use devices with power levels above 2 KW;
3) There is no 10A fuse built on the power supply cord;
4) No crimpers are placed on stranded cables (if stranded cables are used);
5) The device is physically damaged or in case any kind of fluid was spilt onto it.


Surge protection are ideal for people who have expensive audio and video equipment (particularly plasma and LCD TVs), tools, computers, refrigerators and related equipment.